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Every year i go to india, scout the markets of Delhi, choosing fabrics, buttons, zippers. God is in the small details they say. From Delhi everything is sent to Pushkar - A place of magic just like in the fairy tails - straight to Manuhar’s factory. When i started working with him he had 5 sewing machines on the top floor of his house and all the materials would arrive to his living room. Now he owns a five floor factory - big pride !

I stay in Pushkar throughout the whole process. It’s very important to me to be involved in the production. From making the patterns to cutting the final threads. Every day i’m in the factory at least once or twice working alongside Manuhar. I know the tailors personally. It’s always fun to arrive and put in a good word for all the time and hard work they put in for me.

My favourite time are the chai breaks.. the chai arrives and everything stops quick quick !! drink before it gets cold.

The work on the collection lasts about a month, i’m there from the beginning until everything is packed in a box. In the last years my dear partner Or is an inseparable part of the process and almost two years ago little Nia has joined us. And so we spend a month of creation fully inspired by a magical lake.

The clothes i make are my way to be creative. They are who i am. It’s important to me to let you know that everything i do comes from deep love and i feel truly blessed to be earning a living doing what i love.

And now… suddenly reality has changed and we need to take a deep breath and hang on tight. We need a lot of patience but we will get through it stronger.


This year everything changed

This year due to Coronavirus, i had to come back from India on an emergency flight on my beautiful collection was left behind. For a small businness like me this is a major blow. With the money i make in the spring and summer months i pay for the costs of tailoring and materials.

So... a moment before everything is in the shops i want to give you an opportunity to buy yourself a beautiful new piece of clothing on presale and in a big discount and support me and my creation.


This is our time to unite and support small businesses !!


Thank you for reading


Much Love and stay healthy


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