My name is Sheron Shanan, I'm a fashion designer.

I started designing while studying  set and costume design. There i was making accessories from leftover fabric. Very quickly people got interested in my designs and i sold every piece that i made.. T he feeling was incredible!  Studying design filled me with tons(!) of inspiration and started an urge to use this skill to go even further beyond my imagination.

Later on i enrolled in a  Fashion Design school in Tel Aviv.  Besides learning how to sew, I learned how to "think and live" design. I also studied pattern making, illustration, sketching and lots of other things that improved my work as an artist and a designer.

I travel a lot around the world with my business and life partner who is a musician. I get inspired from a variety of experiences like festivals, nature, urban metropolises and worldwide cultures as well as from the music. I absorb the inspiration from the local street fashion, which is very different in each location. 
My design style is a combination of casual urban fashion with festival clothing. Urban fashion, boho chic, Steampunk, and Tribal are my main sources of inspiration. I'm always looking for new stylish ideas. 
I, myself design all my things with love and intention and I wear all my pieces.

My passion is in constantly creating new clothing. I believe that inspiration is everywhere and we just need to take a look and feel the magic that surrounds us.
When I meet people wearing my clothes, I feel my small contribution to making the world a little more stylish.
I hope you'll find my designs unique and exciting as I trying to create them.