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Get inspired before the festival season starts with Sheron Designs 

Festival Outfits Tips

👟 There's a lot of walking, dancing and moving around so make sure you have comfortable shoes to go along with your showstopper outfit.

🎓 Opt for a hat instead of a crown. Yes, you're on the top of the world but you still need to make sure you're safe from the sun.

👘 Layers on - weather can change and so can your mood so make sure you have something to keep you warm but not too much (just right).

Check our women & men's kimono collections for a stylish cover up


👜 Wear a cross body bag. This is a safe option to keep your precious belonging close to you. Also, major festivals limit the size of the bags that are allowed.

Check out our fanny bags collection


👖 Wear extra strong and flexible items to keep you moving 

Check out our CARGO PANTS with 7 pockets, strong adjustable belt straps and a drop crotch.







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