It all started over a decade ago when I was strolling Delhi's famous textile market, getting inspired by the people, colours and fabrics. I met Manuhar, a one of a kind tailor who comes from a family of tailors and brought all my hand picked fabrics to his house and from there to life. We started working together on a daily basis, day and night, until we came up with Sheron Designs' first collection. Starting with 5 sewing machines in a studio above his flat over 10 years ago, today he has a 4 storey factory and works with the same great people that I call family. I remember his children back in 2011 greeting me with good morning on their way to school and now they are all grown up with his son, Ankit, managing today's factory. It's a delight to be part of their family and to be inspired by such craftsmen like the Tailor family. A great honour for me to present them to you. I just got back from India again, after 3 years being on hold because of Covid, and nothing gets me more exciting than to announce to you all that a new collection is on its way to you. Stay tune ;)























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