Street wear isn't just the clothes, it's a strategy ;)

Street wear isn't just the clothes, it's a strategy. It's owning a look but without too much of an effort. Sometimes it's having very basic items and just adding one statement piece to complete the look.

How you ask? Here are our top tips of owning a street wear look.
Quality basics - it's all about having quality basics that you can layer up. Pick out a few basics that can be worn together or separately, such as a plain white t-shirt, a pair of jeans or a neutral-colored hoodie
Accessorize - add a few key accessories to your street look, such as a simple necklace, a beanie or a pair of sunglasses
Layer it up - this is where it gets fun. Get creative with laying by adding a jacket, kimono or over size basic piece. Here's your chance to incorporate athletic-inspired pieces or mix and match textures and patterns
Choose a statement piece - this can be a bold printed piece such as a jacket or sneakers
Finish with details - a chained wallet, a watch, a hat, a fanny pack or awesome bag

Let know what you think 🙂

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